Venice insights: Rialto fish market

The Rialto fish market is one of the most exciting and original places in Venice. In there, together with the amazing variety of typical venetian fish, you can experience a very magic and genuine venetian atmosphere, especially if you go there in the early morning…

Even if the Rialto fish market is located into one of the most touristic areas of Venice, this place has been able to maintain its spirit though time. The market was established at the beginning of the XI century as a place where to buy non only food but also fabrics, spices and all kind of different products coming from the far East.

The place was not as you see it now since the market loggia was built in 1907 by Domenico Rupolo. The building is worth a little attention since it is full of very beautiful details like the capitals, decorated with animals and sea creatures, and the light, beautiful columns.

The best timing to visit the fish market is early morning when the fish arrives fresh from the laguna and the outer sea. Cuttlefish, branzini (sea bass), sarde, sardoni (sardines), octopuses, crubs… in just one minute, you will see an immense variety of fish that instantaneously will be marvellously disposed out of the stalls. Then, fishmongers will begin to catch the attention of the buyers by shouting the freshness of their fish and usually by underlining the good price (against the one of the stall nearby). If you get near, they will try to conquer you in order to sell you at least a bag of vongolas… but you will enjoy the spontaneity and especially the funny jokes that form the essence of this experience.

The Rialto fish market is open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 7.30 to 12.00. In addition, from Monday to Saturday, from 7.30 to 13.30, you will find open also the fruit and vegetable market nearby.


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