Booking conditions

Updated on the 14th February, 2023


Luxrest Venice sas is an Italian registered company, which acts in this agreement in the name of and on behalf of the owner of the selected property. Acceptance of the booking is subject to the availability of the specified apartment and to an advance payment; a contract is only executed when Luxrest Venice sends written confirmation by email.  Luxrest Venice reserves the right to refuse bookings made by minors.  The contract should be considered expired at the end of the letting period in the apartment.




Luxrest Venice requires a 10% advance payment based on the price of the apartment to confirm the booking. The balance must be settled by the date of arrival. If payment is not received within the specified time, the contract may be considered terminated and will be null and void.
Prices charged are shown in Euros.
Luxrest Venice reserves the right to apply different prices according to the season and the length of stay.
Rental prices include electricity, hot and cold water, central heating, gas, Wi-fi access, agency commission, VAT. The service fee, which is added on top, includes the costs for booking procedure. Rental prices and service fee also include our welcoming service between 9am and 8pm at the water-bus stop which is nearest to the apartment to walk the guest to the property and do check-in procedure.
The final cleaning, bed sheets and towels fee (1 set per person is provided) and tourist tax are also added separately and they have to be paid on the spot, upon check-in. If the rental exceeds 28 days, the contract is subject to a registration tax, according to the Italian law.



Payment methods

Methods of payment are as follows:

CREDIT CARD (Visa, Mastercard) through our secure partner website;

Account holder's name: LUXREST VENICE sas
Bank: BANCA INTESA SAN PAOLO - filiale di Mestre, via Pepe 14/16
IBAN: IT 44P 03069 02124 100000008748





Cancellation by the client

Luxrest Venice will only accept cancellation by the client in written form. The down payment is non-refundable. In case of cancellation by the client, Luxrest Venice is entitled to request payment of a percentage of the overall cost of the apartment as follows: 

- no-show: 90%.
- no reimbursement is due after expiry of the above deadlines or in the event of the stay being cut short.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, in case the client can't travel to Venice for the scheduled dates because of official travel limitations, it will be possible to use the down payment as a credit for a future booking, provided that it will be for the same apartment. 



Cancellation by Luxrest Venice Sas

In case of force majeure or other reasons which urge Luxrest Venice sas to cancel the original booking, Luxrest Venice sas keeps the right to offer the client an alternative accommodation on an equal standard. Should the client not accept the alternative offer, all obligation will be terminated and Luxrest Venice sas will return to the client all amounts they previously paid. No further refund will be asked to Luxrest Venice sas.




Security deposit

Upon handover of the keys and and check-in procedure, the client is required to pay a security deposit (payable by credit card) as a guarantee against any damage. The security deposit will be pre-authorised on your credit card and expires 2/3 weeks after the amount is blocked (the period is determined by the Credit Card provider).  The security deposit will be refunded at the end of the letting period, after inspection of the property by a representative of Luxrest Venice. In the event of the client leaving before the end of the agreed period, Luxrest Venice is authorised to retain the security deposit until a representative has verified that nothing has been damaged. Only after this will the deposit be refunded.  In case of any wilful or accidental damage or acts of theft by the client in the rental property, the client will be liable for the full amount, in excess of the deposit already paid, of the damage suffered by Luxrest Venice.
Please note that Luxrest Venice keeps the right of charging 50,00€ upon departure in the following cases:
- not following the house rules as per garbage disposal;
- kitchenware to wash and food leftovers to dispose.




Terms of consignment and release of the apartment

We kindly ask our guests to provide the expected arrival time and any other necessary detail (flight/train number etc.) to organize the welcoming service, no later than 7 days prior to the arrival day. In lack of this information, Luxrest Venice won’t be responsible for any failure or delay in the welcoming service. The apartment is delivered between 03.00 pm and 08.00 pm of the arrival day and should be vacated by 10.00 am of the departure day; according to the availability of the apartment and of Luxrest Venice sas staff other timings can be arranged.
The fees for late-check-in are: 50,00 € between 08.00 pm and 0.00 am; 70,00 € later than 0:00 am.
At the agreed time, a representative of Luxrest Venice sas will welcome the guests at the closest water-bus stop to walk them the apartment, hand over the keys and take care of check-in procedure.
When entering the apartment, the guest will sign the contract and all necessary documents for his registration, will authorise the security deposit and pay for cleaning/linen fee, tourist tax and any other balance which may still be due.
Luxrest Venice's representative will confirm check-out time with the guests. Upon check-out, Luxrest venice sas representative will check the state of the apartment, release the security deposit if no damages had been made and get back the keys. Late check-out is not possible in case of other guests arriving on the same day or the day after the guests' departure.




Maximum number of people allowed

Every description of the apartments states the maximum number of people the flat can sleep. In accordance to the regional rules for hotels, B&B and holiday rental apartments, each person aged 3 or more counts as an occupant.





Animals are admitted by written request prior to the booking and only upon a written confirmation by Luxrest Venice sas.





Luxrest Venice sas will provide a clean apartment, complete with bed and bath linen in adequate quantity for every guest (1 set per person) and equipped with all fittings indicated in the description.




Rules for guests

Guests are kindly asked to follow all building’s rules. Should the guests not follow the rules established by the building and those by Luxrest Venice sas, the latter keeps the right to expel them with no right to any refund.

In particular:

- We kindly ask our guests not to give any nuisance to the neighbourhood expecially between 01.00 pm and 04.00 pm and from 10.00 pm to 08.00 am.

- Should the guests lock themselves out or loose the keys, and need Luxrest Venice's staff to open the apartment's door, we will be entitled to charge the guests 40,00 €. This fee doesn't include the cost to replace the lock, the door or the keys set, should this be necessary.

Garbage disposal: guests have to bring the rubbish to the Veritas boats (the brochure we provide at the apartment includes a map showing the available sites), available every morning until 8:30 am, from Monday to Saturday. As an alternative, guests can wait for the sweeper to ring the intercom and give them the garbage bags. Recycling calendar must be followed as well (paper is scheduled on Mon/Wed/Fri, glass/plastic/tins on Tue/Thu/Sat). No garbage collection is scheduled on Sundays and holidays. Please note these are the same rules that every resident in Venice is required to follow. Any violation of municipal rules will incur a fine of €190.00 which Luxrest Venice is authorised to charge to the guest.

Upon check-out, the guests should not leave garbage, food leftovers or dirty kitchenware to wash. Failing this, Luxrest Venice is entitled to charge €50.00 to the guests for the extra cleaningPlease contact us at least the day before the departure if you have any doubts concerning how to dispose the last garbage left. 

- Smoking is not permitted inside any of the properties.

- We kindly ask our guests not to use the washing machine, dishwasher, oven and/or air conditioning at the same time as this will make the fuse blow (standard power in residential apartments is 3KW). Should this happen, the brochure in the apartment shows where the electricity meter and the safety braker are. In the event of a fuse blowing or tripping because of incorrect use of any appliance inside the property (e.g. hairdryer, dishwasher, washing machine) which you are unable to fix, we will be entitled to charge you €40.00.

Room temperature: Regional environmental (anti-smog) rules limits heating between the 15th October and the 15th of April and to set the room temperature at 19°C, with a +/- 2°C tolerance. In summer, when using the air conditioning, the recommended temperature is 24°C.

- Please don't throw in the wc sanitary pads, diapers, wadding, wipes, too much toilet paper or anything that might cause a block.

- We kindly ask all of our guests to report immediately any breakage or failure in the apartment and not to wait the end of your stay. We're more than happy to help if something is not working properly.

Guests rules during the Covid-19 pandemic: please check, prior to the arrival in Venice, all official requirements for travelling. You can check the latest sanitary rules concerning travelling to the Veneto region here:…

Guests are required to follow all local rules during the stay. You can check the latest regional order here:

Don't hesitate to contact us to receive the latest update and check our blog, with the latest news for travellers during the pandemic, here:



Law and jurisdiction

The parties agree on the contract being guided by Italian law dispositions. What is not specifically foreseen by the contract, the parties will be guided by the Italian Civil Code and Italian law dispositions. Should there be any dispute regarding the contract, when not settled in an amicable way, the authority competent to settle the matter is the Justice of the Peace at the Chamber of Commerce of Venice and in case the Court of Venice.




Force majeure

The cause of force majeure is defined as airport strikes, adverse weather conditions (for example, high tide), fire or any other factor beyond our control and which could not have been avoided even after giving it due attention.