Great emotions at the Navy Historical Museum

We are glad to announce that the Navy Historical Museum of Venice has reopened! With an exhibition area on five levels for a total of 42 exhibition rooms, the museum is housed in a 15th-century building that was formerly the 'Granaio' of the Serenissima: located in the San Biagio camp near the Arsenale, this museum is the most important of its kind in Italy.

The Naval History Museum of Venice is dedicated to the lovers of the sea and its history and it is definitely a place to visit. The 'journey' begins on the first two floors which are dedicated to the companies, the characters and the equipment of the Serenissima but also of the other maritime republics.

Worthy of note is the hall of the Bucintoro, the Doge's ceremonial boat, from which the Doge himself used to throw a ring in the lagoon every year on Ascension Day as a sign of the renewed wedding between Venice and the sea.

On the third floor, there are the models and objects that belonged to the boats of the Venetian lagoon. Obviously, a room is also dedicated to gondolas, among which it is remarkable the one that Peggy Guggenheim gave to the museum after her death. In addition to these typical boats, very beautiful are also the models of oriental junks, the different antiques from China and the precious collection of shells donated by Roberta di Camerino.

In addition to the main building, the Naval History Museum also expands in the Naval Pavilion (located in the ancient Arsenal oar workshop) where there are several typical Venetian and military boats in addition to a part of the engine room of the Elettra-yacht (that belonged to Guglielmo Marconi, inventor of the radiotelephone).

Art lovers must also pay a visit to the Church of San Biagio: the building, that it is also part of the Museum, offers several masterpieces and preserves the body of Admiral Angelo Emo and the 'heart' of the Archduke Francis of Hapsburg.

The Museum is located in Riva San Biagio Castello 2148 (ACTV waterbus line 1, 4.1, 4.2 Arsenale stop) and it is open every day from 10.00 to 17.00 with the last admission at 16.00. There are discounts for children aged 6 to 14, students, over 65s and holders of Muve Friend Card.