Venice: what is open from June

June is bringing plenty of changes in terms of how we can live our city and how we can travel, we at Luxrest Venice are constantly following the latest official news and we're more than happy to share any update we have with you.

There are general rules issued by the Italian government, applying to the whole national territory, whereas each region has the right to impose stricter regulations, according to the local medical reports. Here is what citizens and visitors can and can't do in Venice from June onwards.

Within Venice and the Veneto region

Masks: wearing a mask is only compulsory within indoor spaces open to the public and when queueing outside; it's not mandatory to wear it outdoors. Children under 6 years of age are extempt;

Gloves: wearing gloves is not compulsory; besides, every place open to the public has to provide disinfectant gel to visitors;

What is open

Museums, bars, restaurants, beaches, shops, gyms, swimming pools, hairstylists, beauty centers, hotels, b&b and holiday rentals, offices, libraries, parks, churches are regularly open;

Public transportation

From the 3rd of June, movement between regions is allowed to all travellers with no need to show a certificate; besides, temperature check may be performed at railway station, airports. Trenitalia and air companies are implementing the number of trains, bus routes and flights from June onwards. Travellers need to wear a mask inside trains, buses and aircrafts; from the 15th of June, Italy opens its borders to all visitors from EU, UK, Switzerland and Monaco without obligation of quarantine;

Social distancing and crowding

Crowding between non-cohabitants is still not allowed in places open to the public and social distancing within these places is 1 meter. Restaurants, bars, beaches organise their seats accordingly but it's possible to enjoy an aperitivo or have a meal outside, provided that you're sitting at a table. Social distancing is not required within cohabitants.

What about holiday apartments in Venice?

We at Luxrest Venice are applying the regional directives as per hotels, b&b and holiday rentals and we have set up a protocol for welcoming our guests and preparing the apartments.

Check-in procedure

Our representative will wear a mask, will meet the guests at the water-bus stop which is closer to the apartment and will walk the guests to the house, respecting social distancing. Housekeys, previously disinfected, will be provided in a zipped plastic envelope.

Sanitization of the apartments

Luxrest Venice relies on qualified personnel, who is now certified to carry out sanitization of the apartments between each guests' change. All surfaces are cleaned with bactericidal and virucide detergents (having as an active ingredient sodium hypochlorite, ethyl alcohol or others) and linen is washed at 90°C and/or with chlorine-based sanitizers. Fabrics like curtains, sofas and carpets are cleaned with steam appliances or atomizers with bactericidal and virucide detergents.

Welcoming you at our office

We will be more than happy to welcome you at our office for any assistance you may need: we provide bactericidal gel at the entrance door and we will wear a mask; you will be invited to do the same. We will clean all seats with disinfectant detergent after each visit. We disinfect all screens, keyboards, telephones and workstations after each shift. The office is regularly cleaned.

Don't hesitate to contact us for any further information you may need, we look forward to welcoming you again in Venice!