Green pass in hotels and holiday apartments from the 6th December 2021

As usual, we at Luxrest Venice wish to provide our guests with the latest and official information concerning travelling to Venice, Italy. After a few months where we could follow the same rules, we have an update now which will concern all of our guests staying at our apartments.

From the 6th December 2021 all guests at hotels, holiday apartments and any other accommodation will need to show a valid Green pass upon check-in in order to enter the premises and start their stay.

The Green pass requested is the same that you need to travel and enter Italy: an official pass certifying that you have either been vaccinated against Covid-19 with 2 doses or recovered from the illness in the preceding 6 months.

In some cases, you may obtain a temporary pass if you're not vaccinated (but please check the official regulations of your country to check what is required to enter Italy), but its validity is limited to 48 hours - it means that you should repeat the covid-test and show it to the management every 2 days, in order to continue your stay.

Please remember that in Italy you will need the same pass to access indoor seats at restaurants, cafés, museums, cinemas, theatres, gyms, swimming pools and all public events.

Keep in touch with Luxrest Venice to plan your stay in Venice, get a local advice and choose your ideal apartment in Venice!

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