Christmas and New Year's Eve in Venice and the Veneto - latest news

We at Luxrest Venice would like to provide updated information to the guests we're expecting during Christmas holidays and to anyone who is considering to book a last-minute stay in Venice in December

At the present date, and until next Sunday, Venice and the Veneto region are classified as white zone according to the Italian criteria (the lowest risk area). It means that all activities are open (museums, restaurants, cinema, theatres, gyms...) but you need a digital vaccination certificate (or a certificate after recovering from covid) to access. You need the same certificate to access public transportation, trains etc. and we will have to check your certificate upon check-in. Mask is required in all indoor areas. There are no limitations as to travelling within or out of the region.

From Monday 20th December and until the 31st December 2021, the Veneto passes to the yellow zone level (low risk). The only difference between the white and yellow level is that you need to wear a mask also outdoor (it actually doesn't change much - Venice mayor already requested to wear a mask in Rialto, Saint-Mark, Railway station and fondamenta degli Ormesini 10 days ago). Everything remains open just like in the white zone.

What is different compared to last year is that, even if the region should pass to orange zone (which wouldn't happen before the 31st December anyway - colours are assigned every 2 weeks - it may also be that the region stays yellow or gets back to white), all of the activities would still remain open to customers who hold a vaccination certificate. Italy has a very high vaccination rate.

Concerning the events, there won't be fireworks for New Year's Eve, but the Doge's palace and Museo Correr will be open until 11pm, on the 31st December and during the weekends, starting from the 16th December. A beautiful occasion to admire the magnificence of the Doge's Palace by nights!

The other civic museums will be exceptionnally open every day from the 16th of December to the 9th of January 2022.

Concerning the tests and what is required to enter Italy, you will need your vaccination-recovery certificate AND a PCR test 48 hours before or an antigenic test made 24 hours before if you come from a European country. The rules haven't changed, so far, for travellers coming from the USA. Please check the official website of your country before travelling, to be sure to have the latest official news.

If you need a test before travelling back home, you can easily book it in several pharmacies in Venice. It could be a good idea to book it already when you arrive, so that you're sure to have your appointment.

Feel free to contact us at Luxrest Venice to get the latest news about what's happening in Venice!