Venice in 2023: events all year round!

We at Luxrest Venice are always happy to search for the most interesting events in Venice all year round: as we always say, there's always a good reason to come to Venice and an interesting exhibition or a concert is even a better reason!

Here is a selection of the main events in Venice in 2023: pick up your favourite one and start planning your stay with us at Luxrest Venice!

On now:

De' visi mostruosi e caricature at Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere e Arti, palazzo Loredan, until the 27th April 2023, an extraordinary and alienating exhibition between deformed faces, anatomical exaggerations, physiognomic investigations, caricatural figures and galleries of human characters;

Aqua e Fogo at Wilmotte Foundation, until the 9th April 2023, an interesting exhibition about the glassworks by Jean-Michel Wilmotte and pictures by Luigi Ferrigno, about the glass factories in the '60es;

Vittore Carpaccio, paintings and drawings at Palazzo Ducale until the 18th June 2023, a chance to discover the very essence of ‘Venetian-ness’, namely the pageantry and mythology of the Serenissima Republic at its economic and cultural peak;

Tutankhamon: 100 anni di misteri at Palazzo Zaguri until the 1st May 2023, a massive exhibition about the Egyptian world and culture;

Giardini e Virtù medicinali at Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana until the 2nd April 2023, an interesting exhibitions about gardens which displayed medical plants.

Next events:

From the 30th March to the 2nd April 2023 Venice Fashion Week Spring Edition Dressmaking presentations, workshops, meetings with designers and creatives, walks through Atelier Aperti, and conferences on ethical and sustainable fashion;

On 16th April Su e Zo per i ponti, a non-competitive march along Venice, fun for all families!

From the 20th May to the 26th November 2023 Biennale di Architettura di Venezia;

From the 31st May to the 4th June Venice Boat Show;

From the 15th June to the 1st July Biennale Teatro;

On the 30th June, 1st and 2nd July 2023 Laura Pausini in concert at Saint-Mark's square! An unmissable event for all Laura's fans!

Coming soon, the events for the Winter season! For now, there are enough reason to book your stay in Venice in Springtime and Summer, get in touch with us at Luxrest Venice!