Barch-in, magic cinema on water in Venice

Started during the summer 2020, when the first lockdown measures were starting to ease, Barch-in is a commendable initiative which brought the cinema on the water. Basically a drive-in on boats, it's a unique and fantastic way to go to the movies, and it only happens in Venice!

Barch-in is now at its 4th edition and it's more popular than ever. The "cinema" takes place in the beautiful Arsenale scenery and the event is free of charge. If you have your own boat, you just have to book your place; if you don't have a boat, you can contact the organizer so that they can arrange a place for you. It's also possible to order food and drinks to be delivered at the boat and an aperitivo with live music is opening each night.

This year, the event will take place from the 30th July to the 6th of August and the scheduled films are: Lo sguardo su Venezia, Aftersun, Anote's Ark, The Treasure Planet, Christian and a surprise movie on the 4th of August.

Check the availability and full information here and get in touch to book your apartment in Venice with us @Luxrest Venice to enjoy this really unique event! 

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