Carnival in Venice 2024

Venice Carnival is on again! You can love it or hate it, but it's undeniably a part of Venice identity. This crazy extravaganza still has the power to let us live, even if for just a short time, the fantasy of the Serenissima, the beautiful costumes, the parties and their mysteries...

This year, the main theme is Marco Polo, therefore the whole event is focused on the atavistic relationship that Venice has always had with the East. You will see it during this Carnival in the events, in the food and particularly in the magical water event at the Arsenale: Terra Incognita (Unknown Land), which will take place on the 2nd February.

Street artists, handicraft workshops and street food will be around for the whole duration of the Carnival weeks: don't forget that the next Samedi Gras is on the 9th February and Mardi Gras, which will close the celebration, on the 13th February.

You can check the full program on the official Carnival website:

Take the chance to take part of this unique and so Venetian event and get in touch with us at Luxrest Venice for our last minute deals for our apartments in Venice!

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