Fusilli with mackerel and brandy sauce - Venetian homecooking recipe

Smells like Spring here! Longer days, shining sun, fresh air... after such a cold month of February, it's such a pleasure to stay outside again and enjoy the sun! Which means, slightly less time for cooking. So, here is a quick and tasty recipe, which needs just a simple preparation. Enjoy!

For 4 persons:

  • 1 tin canned tomato
  • 1 tin mackerel in olive oil
  • 1 bunch parsley
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1 sip brandy
  • 1/2 a stale bread roll
  • olive oil
  • 80g per person fusilli (or any other pasta)

Mix the stale bread roll, parsley, garlic and brandy in a blender. Put the mixture in a high-sided pot with a little olive oil, add the mackerel, previously drained, and stir-fry, then add the tomatoes, a little salt, cover with a lid and let it cook on a very low fire, stirring from time to time, about 45 minutes, until the sauce is creamy and not liquid anymore. Cook pasta according to instructions and season with the sauce; serve hot. Buono!